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TN4Productions came about through the meeting of two, very keen, prize winning, photographers, Rick Leslie & Karen Tucker. In the summer of 2010 they decided to start a business to sell their wildlife photos and to commercialise their event and portraiture photography.

Since then, they have both been studying photography and have joined the SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers), the SINWP (Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers).

They have photographed several national events in London, artwork for publication in books and for submission of artwork to national competitions, covered several festivals and taken portraits for many happy customers. Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons, they are not allowed to show most of their work as it is of people and artworks where the subject has not given permission for their likeness or material to be publicly displayed.



Rick has been interested in photography since childhood and was helped and encouraged by his father, who was a keen amateur photographer.

Rick has always had cameras and covered several weddings and events for friends using 35mm SLR cameras as a young adult. He was also interested in IT and had a very successful career in computer support, becoming self-employed in 2000 after leaving a national electronics chain as a Senior Technician for Kent & East Sussex. He continues to offer on-site computer support through his PCServices business.

Rick says: "I have always been interested in both technology and art. I really wanted a career in art but I'm useless at drawing and painting and have really enjoyed photography since my childhood. With the advent of digital photography I feel that my two passions have come together. I love the challenges that photography brings, as no two subjects are quite the same to capture. It is a bit like troubleshooting anything really, you have to assess the subject and work out, in the case of photography, what it is that you want to capture, how to control the lighting, how to hide parts of a scene that are not to your liking and how to create the image in the camera that your eyes and imagination see. It is a union of art and technology".


Karen began her photography 'career' at a young age, when she was given an old Box Brownie camera by her father.  Together, they would develop her films on a shelf in her bedroom, and her interest has continued ever since.

Karen's first digital camera was a 40th birthday present to herself, and was pretty low-resolution, but she had since managed to obtain much better equipment, and loves learning more and more about ways to use it to achieve the best results.

Karen says:  'I've always been interested in photography and, like Rick, was never much good at other forms of art, though I also enjoy knitting, crochet and cross-stitch and sell some of my work on Etsy.  I'm so pleased to finally have a great digital SLR camera, with lenses that capture the images I'm looking for, and have often been complimented on my eye for a good photograph.  I was delighted to win a competition with one of my favourite tree photographs a few years ago.  I had so many "new best friends" when they found out I'd won a balloon flight for two!  I just wish I'd had the camera I have now for that once-in-a-lifetime trip.'



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